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Luangwa valley Zambia Game ranch


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***urgent sale ***


Game ranch Luangwa valley


The Luangwa valley forms part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley system and The South Luangwa National Park is widely acknowledged as one the world’s premier wildlife areas.

This offering comprises 15,000 hectares of Established and registered Private Game Ranch, situated about 5 Hours drive from Lusaka



Registered airfield, access from Lusaka by light aircraft takes about 1 hour.


Most of the ranch comprises undulating hills interspersed with flatter valleys.


The soils are generally sandy, interspersed with black cotton soils.


Most of the typical antelope species are resident, elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo and Wild Dog are seen on the property. The diverse habitat provides for a good variety of bird life.

The Ranch has an established Safari camp and moveable assets will be included.

 The land is held on 99 year leasehold

 Urgent sale!