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Property 0630 Tuli Block Botswana

25 Million Botswana Pula

Property Information

Property Information




Well developed Game Ranch in the Tuli block of Botswana

Freehold title with Limpopo River frontage

Easily accessible on good roads from South Africa



Situated in the Tuli Block Southern Botswana with Limpopo River frontage.



3200 Hectares of freehold land



BWP 25 Million

*NB Price excludes state transfer tax applicable to non citizens.


Natural Features

• Two Kilometers of Limpopo River frontage flanked by Riverine Forest

• A cut off Ox Bow lagoon provides a unique tree lined wetland

• Several natural pans and marshes

• A flat property with two non perennial streams that bisect the property

Improvements - outline;


• Water supply from four strong boreholes

• Fully game fenced

• Roads and firebreaks

• Accommodation for 26 guests

• Manager’s house - Bedroom en suite, bathroom, kitchen

• Workshop and storerooms

• Butchery with processing areas, cold room and storerooms.



  • Registered as a private game ranch
  • Typical of Tuli Block properties, the property is bisected by the district road
  • The sale price is inclusive of an extensive list of moveable assets including vehicles, equipment, tools, furniture, linen, kitchen and dining equipment




  • The property is home to good numbers of the following species

      Blue Wildebeest, Eland, Gemsbok, Giraffe, Hartebeest, Impala, Kudu , Waterbuck, Zebra

  • Other sightings may include species such as

       Aardvark, Bushbuck, Brown Hyena, Caracal, Civet, Duiker,

       Genet, Honey badger, Jackal, Leopard, Nyala, Ostrich,

       Steenbok, Warthog and Wildcat.

  • Crocodile and Hippo are seen in and around the Limpopo river 
  • There is abundant and varied birdlife